This Copyright 2022 More Plates More Dates All Rights Reserved. Any questions For these underground products to be cost effective, they are typically sold in concentrations that are quite weak. UPDATE- CHECK THE VIDEO ON WHATS BEEN UP AND SOME NEW SCAMMER SITES THAT HAVE Die-In-A-Fire 9 yr. ago. Get the February 2020 Issue on Newsstands Now! If you have 16 arms, dont think that you will have 23 in 5 weeks! What Does SEO Do And What Is The Mechanism Of Action Behind Its Effect On Muscle Growth? If you want to see how potent your product is, just compare it side by side with Juvederm, or a formidable cosmetic grade brand at a concentration used in plastic surgery for volumization. Do these guys even lift? 1 Why do they do this? We avoid using tertiary references. Instructions: The above photos indicate the injection locations for all 3 tricep muscle heads. In addition, follow these tips: Because of bodybuilders' tendency to develop body image disorders, they should have access to a mental health professional. For instance, just take a look at this video from a Brazilian talk show. Try These Protein Powder Recipe Options, 7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Better Protein Bar, Why This Chef/Triathlete Thinks He's Created the Perfect Fuel, How Making 'Dough' Helped Liam Frumkin Overcome Anorexia, Chase Elliott Explains His Road to Recovery and Return to Victory Lane, Kevin Griffin Stays Fit In order to Stay on Top of the Music Biz, 8 Tips You Can Do Today to Help Manage Stress. There are few cases in the literature of side effects from intramuscular synthol injections. He actually holds the 2012 Guinness World Record for his sizea distinction that has come under intense scrutiny and has been challenged by our own editor-in-chief, Shawn Perine. His arms are 25 inches in girth, but according to his doctor, theyve completely turned to rock. ), you are technically injecting Synthol. Synthol abuse can turn muscle into rock, potentially leading to amputations. As such, bodybuilders would want to keep that look, as it is not aesthetically pleasing to have rounded calves that look like they were blown up like a balloon. I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both armsthey said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock, Alves said in an interview with Daily Mail. The most popular now are synthol /PumpnPose, Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil, Cosmostan and Liquid Muscle. Read on to learn more about the uses and dangers of synthol injections. Taking synthol is a quick and easy way to look big and muscular without actually having to lift weights or be strong! (2016). Please complete this form and click But in the interest of education (and to satisfy a perverse curiosity), I wanted to write an article that helped to shed some light on what synthol actually is, and why you are seeing a glut of synthol abusing creatures popping up around the internet. (2009). Jennifer Purdie, M.Ed, is a certified personal trainer, freelance writer, and author of "Growth Mindset for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers.". the button below to gain instant access. Best example is to imagine a balloon. As mentioned previously as well, there are the guys you see all over the internet with horrible looking ballooned muscles, who are typically just guys with no foundation of muscle tissue to begin with who just shot obscene amounts (literally tens of thousands of millilitres) of oil into themselves and ruined their physiques. But this easy-to-attain product has some serious side effects like infected muscles, stroke, and nerve damagejust to name a few. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Yes, using Synthol comes with numerous side effects and health risks. Site Oils are there to help you break past a plateau. That is to avoid a lumpy look and to increase the quad uniformly. Synthol is used in small groups of muscles to enlarge their volume (for example triceps, biceps, deltoids, muscles of the calf). All 3 of which are commonly included in medical grade injections for various drugs. Steroid use has become Viva a sua vida do jeito que vc achar melhor deste que no prejudica ningum que est a sua volta, a final de contas tudo nessa vida passa. The only thing hes gained from it is being known as a freak-show in his home town. In short, no there is no way of avoiding future complications from synthol injections into the body. ?At @ironmaglabs on Facebook ?#bodybuilding #fitness #supplements #momomafia #theramblinfreak #biggestarms ?#makeYOURmark with #ironmaglabs #greggvalentino aka #ramblingfreaklive #facebooklive @latenightwithjohnnyp @johnheynoski @ronharrismuscle @bigcee122 @getbigordietryingclothing @cheachmrusa @leeapriest, A post shared by Gregg Valentino ???? That makes it a very bad choice to use in my opinion. Can Alcohol Impair Muscle Growth and Fitness Levels? If a Hyaluronic Acid product even resembles liquid in any capacity and can be sucked up through a multi-dose vial with thinner than a 20 gauge needle, I would be extremely skeptical, and then I would be looking at how many mg/ml the product actually contains. 25gauge to 30gauge half inch (13mm) to 1 inch (25mm) long needles are adequate. 10 days of 1ml per site per day, 10 days of 2mls per site per day and 10 days of 3mls per site per day. Every one has this huge misconception that Synthol is some sort of foreign compound that blows up a muscle, but the reality is that its just the same sterile oil everything you already inject is suspended in, its just used in exorbitant beyond extreme quantities when it comes to forcefully inducing fascial stretching in a localized muscle group. Increasing Lean Mass and Strength: A Comparison of High Frequency Strength Training to Lower Frequency Strength Training. There is a huge misconception that Synthol creates these weird looking freaks you see on the internet: Most of these guys are just slamming themselves full of Liters (not millilitres) of random oil, not necessarily Synthol. First of all, lots of people think that synthol is some sort of steroid. La'vish Laser Center strives to provide you with peace of mind before, during and after your visit so that you are as comfortable receiving your treatments as you will be in your new skin! Read More, Where to buy steroids online 2022 Guide Everything you need to know about buying online, Now, to preface this article, lets clarify what is generally regarded as SEO to bodybuilders. Its the same formula as synthol/PumpnPose, with added silica, which is a safe way to make the gains more permanent. For the sake of simplicity, I will be referring to all site enhancement products in this article as SEO, as that category is just widely referred to now as encompassing all products that are injected into a specific area to achieve a localized growth effect. This is the only way to ensure that the added size keeps to your natural look/shape of the muscle. T-Nation onced dubbedGregg Valentino The Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding. An alleged user of synthol, Valentino denies all accusations. Synthol can also lead to some serious, potentially life-threatening complications especially if the compound is injected directly into a vein or artery, or if the syringe injures a nerve during the injection. That means that without the hormone in it (whatever steroid you are injecting whether that be Testosterone, Nandrolone, etc. Determining which is better would ultimately be up to personal preference and ones own individual response to a particular product, but Id say just from a clinical data and efficiency standpoint, its safe to say that highly cross-linked and concentrated (mg/ml) cosmetic grade Hyaluronic Acid like Juvederm (or a formidable generic) is going to be the candidate of choice for intramuscular fascial stretching. Site Oils hurt, but not as much as site injections with, lets say, Sustanon or Testosterone Propionate. The surgeon will then remove the damaged tissue or as much as can be safely taken out and close the incision. In order to make Hyaluronic Acid more durable, Hyaluronic Acid molecules are linked to one another. Read More, RoidTest Vs. At times, substances like sesame oil are also used while formulating Synthol, along with the primary ingredients. You'll see plenty of John Cena in this edition. Again, to keep the natural look of the thigh, you should inject in the `peak of the outer quad, injecting along the crest. Where in the biceps you use 1ml per head per day to begin with, on quads you need to start with 1ml per site, 7 sites per quad. Among the more serious dangers of synthol injections are: In addition, injection sites can become infected, causing redness and pus to form. MCTs, which have some health benefits, are usually found in coconut oil and palm oil. This is an example of a highly cross-linked/concentrated cosmetic grade Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler. [deleted] 9 yr. ago. (L) valdir_synthol_ / Instagram (M) romariohulkbrasileirooficial / Instagram (R) Youtube / Barcrodt TV, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). (2020), patient with severe side effects following repeated intramuscular injections of Synthol in his right biceps muscle. I did a common 30 day deal. Read More, Since we started this site, we have been asked about a domestic source service. Here are 8 weight-free arm exercises. So, you inject in multiple shots, on the outside edges of the muscle. Read More, How to Avoid Online Steroid Scams: Tips to Keep You Safe Online Steroid Scams Introduction: Five-year-old Seersha Sulack has the same rare disease portrayed in the 1976 John Travolta movie, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." A germ even a common cold could kill her. As well as the dangers involved with injecting, the substance can cause irreversible muscle damage and potentially life-threatening complications. Verywell Fit uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Hall M, et al. So, thats a bad choice. Get the January 2020 Issue on Newsstands Now! Synthol is 85 percent medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, 7.5 percent lidocaine, and 7.5 percent alcohol. Apart from causing addiction and making muscles look uneven and unnatural, injecting Synthol can also cause nerve damage, stroke, blockage of the pulmonary artery, skin problems, infections, as well as put one's cardiovascular health at risk. You always have to aspirate. Their associated websites are,,,, I strongly recommend that people stay away from them! If you are buying an underground product that just says high potency or something along those lines, you need to question further. Consisting mostly of oil, the ingredient make-up of Synthol includes the following: These ingredients have not been analyzed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). We won't share your information with anyone. But if you fill it with a liquid, you will be able to stretch it to a much larger degree than just pulling on it from the outside. What is Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride and Is It Safe? Synthol injections are. Individuals who have cancer, AIDS, or another illness that causes muscle loss also may be good candidates for steroids. Guys like this arguably look like horribly deformed mutants yet synthol use (read: abuse) is undeniably a trend in the world of bodybuilding, with more and more guys taking this stuff. TRICEPS You dont need to inject in the outer/horseshoe head, unless it is really lacking behind. Because of this, synthol is applied in multiple applications, on the outside edges of the muscle. So if just looking terrible wasnt enough of a deterrent, hopefully some of these potentially life-threatening risks can help to hammer home the point that you should NEVER take synthol. By and large, more people seem to be more accepting, if not down-right appreciative, of this grotesque look in countries like Brazil, judging from local news reports on synthol users from such countries. E.G. Read More, Steroid Scammers List Check out the posts Steroids for sale, and Where to buy steroids Polimery w Medycynie. Bodybuilders may try synthol prior to a competition because the effects are almost immediate. At age 62, "Big Bill" shares his wisdom to dominate one of the ultimate strength marks. Users will find visible drawbacks to using Synthol, such as the following: Using Synthol for one competition can haunt you for years. 1. Pain obviously, any site shot hurts. Though synthol and anabolic steroids both can be abused by bodybuilders or other individuals looking for shortcuts to bigger muscles, they carry different risks and long-term effects. To achieve the true maximum benefits of volumization/water absorption/fascial stretching in a localized muscle group, enough Hyaluronic Acid would need to be shot into it with as highly concentrated (mg/ml) and cross-linked of a viscous product as possible. However, during this time, they have stretched the fascia of that muscle. Black Market Steroids: Are They Worth the Risk? This is just how the acronym has evolved as it made its way through underground bodybuilding circles over the years. Peloton Treadmill Review: Is It Worth the Price? With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. Oil based Synthol use has been around for decades. Granted, with that being said, it still isnt a miracle worker. Most of the time, the more disastrous cases of blown up looking body parts are caused by steroid shot infections where the guy just shouldve stayed home. In the IFBB Pro's own words, what follows is the original synthol injection methodology [] Bodybuilding. The reason why it is garnering so much attention is largely because it can replicate the same level of fascial stretching as traditional Synthol usage without the need to administer copious amounts of product. Other than good genetics and rigorous exercise, calf implants are your only other reliable and relatively safe long term . Synthol offers immediate enlargement effects that can help them in competition. and our I dont take synthol. There are some guys who do inject silicon into there dicks and that does look freaky. As such, I would not help the build up of scar tissue in the muscle by injecting collagen. Bodybuilders often look for avenues to better their bodies beyond what they do at the gym. Read More, Steroid Profiles Here is a list of Steroid profiles for the most common and well The best dose is 0.5ml of synthol per day per application site for 10 days, followed by 1ml of synthol per day per application site for 10 days and finished off with 1.5ml of synthol per day per application site for 10 days. Always! Here are some good ones: Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting news and updates directly to your inbox. Once inside muscle fibers, MCT the active ingredient of synthol starts to expand. Copyright 2023 JW Media, LLC, parent company of Muscle & Fitness. If you have all the size you wish and just want to shape the muscle, as adding a peak on the biceps, then inject the spot, in the peak of the muscle, with 1ml every day or every second day until you obtain the peak that you desire. This article looks at the evidence to determine whether coconut oil is also good for your, Bodyweight arm exercises are a great way to tone and strengthen the arms when you don't have access to equipment. Synthol offers immediate enlargement effects that can help them in competition. A Trusted Doctor Reveals the Supplements ALL Women Should Take to Restor 5 Best Weight Loss Shakes That Actually Work. Generally, at the back of the arm, the upper portion is the rear head and the lower portion is the middle head, as the two heads overlap each other somewhat. Getting big with the use of toxic chemicals is never a good idea. is part of a360media Fitness & Health Network. Verywell Fit's content is for informational and educational purposes only. They would inject this concoction of oil into the appropriate area, and voila, instant muscle growth. Sep 18, 2006 However, as I said, they will hurt less and less the more you use them. A study in the Journal of Health Psychology found that the internet contains a considerable amount of content touting the safety and effectiveness of synthol for muscle growth, but less reliable science-based information about synthols dangers. The issue is that some individuals marketing it on the underground market are completely oblivious to how this stuff works in the first place, and are throwing around misinformation stating that Synthol is permanent and that Hyaluronic Acid is in and out of the body quickly. Once you reach that tipping point where the muscle needs more room to accommodate the amount of oil being pushed into it, the fascia of the muscle would forcefully stretch to accommodate the contents being pushed into it. Read More, The most Frequently Asked Question I get is Im new to this were should Such a lack of supervision poses major risks for use. On a side note, people like Greg Valentino have implants, not seos in their muscles. DELTOIDS just inject straight into whatever head is lacking in size. Answer: Yes synthol is completely legal! Also, both steroids contained in it are esterified, as such, they would have absolutely zero effect on localized growth as all esterified steroids have to travel to the liver first. In fact, synthol has been used for years by professional bodybuilders that want to enhance the appearance of lagging muscles before competitions. doi:10.23750/abm.v91i3.8533. The fascia is a great constrictive factor in muscle growth. So 10 injections each and every day. While it expands muscle tissue, it doesnt improve muscle strength. See what massage guns our team has picked to help you recover well after your next workout. Synthol, a site enhancement oil (SEO), is a chemical that some bodybuilders use in order to make muscles appear enormous. 2016;9(2):159-167. There are countless top IFBB pro bodybuilders notorious for lagging body parts, and Id be shocked if they hadnt tried everything in the book to try and bring them up. QUADS With muscles this large, you need to do multiple daily injections. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. Best Post-Workout Supplements and Foods of 2023, The Best Supplements for Men, According to a Dietitian, A Nutrition Guide for Bodybuilding Competition Prep, Expert Wellness Picks and Advice to Your Inbox, [The usage of synthol in the body building], The FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Enhancement, Oil injection for cosmetic enhancement of the upper extremities: a case report and review of literature, Increasing Lean Mass and Strength: A Comparison of High Frequency Strength Training to Lower Frequency Strength Training, Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation, 85% oil built by medium-length triglyceride chains for the best effects (which is how Synthol can impersonate itself as a harmless topical product despite its potential hazards when injected into the body), 7.5% lidocaine, a local anesthetic used to reduce pain or discomfort, Muscles can move into an unnatural shape, which doesnt bode well for future competitions, You can get an ulcer in the injected muscle, You could get an occlusion of the pulmonary artery, You increase your rate of a cerebral stroke, as the substance can travel to other parts of the body and block blood vessels in your brain, heart, and lungs, You might deal with infectious complications. A 29-year-old Middle Eastern male bodybuilder, following intramuscular injections of synthol five years ago, presented with painful pressure in his . Always massage the area after the shot so scar tissue build up doesnt occur. 25-year-old Brazilian Romario Dos Santos Alves is one of the most infamous synthol abusers. For more information, please see our Synthol injections cause local and systemic side effects and even cause death. You have to keep in mind, that as soon as lumps form because you did not massage, scar tissue will form as well. According to a review from the journal Polimery w Medycynie, Synthol is used by bodybuilders as a temporary implant that is injected deep into small muscle groups such as biceps, deltoids, and triceps. Read More, Buy Clenbuterol for Sale Online: FAQS and Where to Buy Clenbuterol Looking for FAQs on Look at high-frequency training for increasing lean mass and strength. They do advertise all over the bodybuilding magazines in the back sections, but that doesnt mean much. In an ideal application, inject synthol in the peak of the outer quad, along the crest to maintain a natural look. A post shared by FitnessVolt (@fitnessvoltnetwork) on Mar 13, 2019 at 7:46pm PDT. Discard any product that has strange labeling or looks different than usual. Tim McGraw went from drinking a six-pack to having one. Oil injection for cosmetic enhancement of the upper extremities: a case report and review of literature. Its a fair bet that most of the users youre seeing are from one of these countries at least for the time being. Forget @officialslystallone John Rambo !! This lack of oxygen results in the muscle tissue eventually being destroyed through a lack of oxygen and nutrients. During the removal procedure, an incision will be made near the affected area. This is the best way to compare the efficiency of fascial stretching versus using Site Oils. The enlargement effects are immediate. Acta Biomedica. Well, this is fueled by a fairly recent adoption of this stuff in several Latin American countries. I have had all of my major dental work done by Dr. Marteney and will continue to go to him for any . The acronym stands for Site Enhancement Oil as I mentioned, however, the term SEO has started to be used in a far more general context, and nowadays commonly is also used to describe products that arent oil based at all. Steroid injections are used for several different types of diseases, conditions, and injuries. The FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Enhancement. If you need to increase of the peak of the muscle, inject more synthol to the outer head. You can feel the `split in between the two heads of the biceps when you feel with your other hand. Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners. I personally dont recommend quad shots, especially teardrop, due to the very high amount of nerves in the area. I personally have never used it but know some people who have mainly for show prep. If the teardrop is lacking, then just inject straight into it, rotating sites daily. Thats because your body can metabolize the sterile oil the steroid is suspended in that quickly where the spot is ready to go again a week later. Synthol is a site enhancement oil used by bodybuilders to boost the cosmetic appearance of muscles. It is also a good idea, to inject just before going to the gym, so as soon as you get to the gym, you should do a couple light weight, high reps sets for that muscle, to get the blood moving. How do Site Oils work? The most relatable in this context being anabolic steroids. Yet, some guys will do whatever it takes to achieve a monstrous look. Dangers Site Oils are safe, if certain precautions are taken, same as when injecting anything else. not including gear on top of that. Purported as a new science in many bodybuilding circles, most are completely oblivious to the fact that this new science is simply based upon new-age dermal fillers that are used for getting rid of visible wrinkles, face lifts, and even the volumization of certain muscle groups. Read More, FAST RESOURCES MY PERSONAL GO-TOs If you dont have time to read the blog That way they can judge how many ml they can use per muscle head and how often. It's an I jectable oil called synthol. It is physiologically impossible to look like these guys do with SEOs.,,, Everything You Need to Know About Steroid Injections. This is when you are irresponsible with your own body, and refuse to seek medical attention. Maybe a little, but the injections far outweigh their gains. QUADS Synthol Injections: With muscles this large, bodybuilders need multiple daily injections. Nonetheless, these. If the entire pectoral muscle is not covered with the injections the pectoral can end up with a lumpy appearance. The 21-year-old increased the size of his biceps by 26cm (10) in just 10 days, the site reported. They get dissipated within months. It worked for them. You have to inject in 9 locations (3 rows of 3 injections) as indicated in the photo, daily. Consume a meal containing 0.4 to 0.5 grams per gram of bodyweight of protein, Don't try to dehydrate yourself for competition. In one report, a 29-year-old man presented with painful muscle fibrosis requiring open surgical excision of massively fibrotic bicep tissue. I was taking propionate and Equipoise into the muscle itself. Even worse, synthol abuse has been known to lead to staph infections, which can ultimately spread through the body and be fatal. All that I am saying is that Site Oils are there to aid the work that you do in the gym, not replace it! Its highly unlikely an underground seller will be able to profit on marking up preloaded syringes of top notch Hyaluronic Acid if they kept pricing semi-reasonable, because the cost of just one syringe of this stuff is so exorbitant. No, the whole point of using a dermal filler like that is for long lasting results, and to reap the benefits of it without the body just degrading it within days. Unlike the biceps where 1ml per head per day is the recommended starting dosage, the quads need 1ml per site, 7 sites per quad. It is not a look that screams strength, at least not in most of the world where (thankfully) these images are often met with derision. Bodybuilders and others who want to take a shortcut to bigger muscles may be tempted to inject a compound called synthol directly into their muscles. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.
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